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Book Cover PhotoMore and more families and individuals are experiencing economic hardships, due to our country's economic downslide. This means that more and more people are losing their homes to foreclosure. Some people see the writing on the wall and can do something before foreclosure happens. Others end up in foreclosure and lose their homes. Some people end up living on the streets.

This doesn't have to be you! You have options, very valid alternatives from which to choose.

  1. Foreclosure seems to be an overwhelming process - but it doesn't have to be
  2. You can save your home, even if your home is up for auction - it's never too late

So, what's the answer?


Here's only some of what it teaches you to do with easy to understand and use instructions ...

  1. Know your options to the foreclosure question - there are at least 13!
  2. Loan modifications basics - you only have to read and use it

This 30-page FREE book is professionally written and formatted. Here's the easy-to-read style:

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Here are some of the other benefits in Foreclosure Blueprint:



  • The process - learn what to expect


Your Options:

  • You can do something - you have at least 13 options


Loan Modification Basics:

  • Know what can be negotiated
  • You control the negotiations - negotiate the foreclosure away!


Getting Help:

  • Know what to look for when seeking help
  • Learn how to avoid the scammers

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There is absolutely no advertising in the book or at my site - this is strictly a "Pay It Forward" product. I've helped you, so please help someone else - even if its nothing more than giving a hug or smile when needed.

Important! Please read before downloading.

  • The Foreclosure Blueprint book is in a .pdf file that is 4.75 mb in size. Once downloaded to your computer, first virus check it before opening (just to be safe), and then double click the .pdf file to open it. You will need an Adobe .pdf reader.

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Thank you for helping me get this information out to help others dealing with foreclosure.

Patricia Hawke

P.S. Any testimonials or reviews would also be much appreciated. :-)

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Patricia Hawke

Author Patricia HawkePatricia has been a professional writer and researcher for over 20 years. She is the author of several books under her own name and a great many for clients as their ghost writer.

In 2003, Patricia was inducted into the Who's Who Historical Society's International WHO's WHO of Professionals and the Manchester Who's Who of Executives and Professionals.

As a member of her church's prayer chain, a desperate prayer request came from a young single mother whose home was being auctioned the following Wednesday. This was on a Thursday. Patricia called the coordinator of the prayer chain, telling her that she had two different books on handling a foreclosure and negotiating a loan modification. She was willing to email them to her but only if the young mother never shared them with anyone - the books were copyrighted by Patricia's clients. The individual agreed and promised she'd read both books that evening. The following Monday, it was reported on the prayer chain that the auction was off and she had saved her home.

Because of this experience, Patricia felt that others needed to know how to negotiate a loan modification - a very easy to understand process. You see, for some unknown reason, mortgage companies seem to be more willing to take a major loss and foreclose on a homeowner, rather than suggest a loan modification. So, Patricia rewrote only the information needed into this free instructional ebook, called "Foreclosure Blueprint".

I genuinely hope this information helps you. Please feel free to share it with your family and friends.

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I truly value your input and comments; however, I've had so much spam lately that I've eliminated my email accounts for the web site. I apologize if you've found an broken links within the ebook; however, just put the information into to search for the appropriate link. Thank you for understanding, and I hope this ebook helps you.